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SCD tooltip * Service Comp. DateYou can find your SCD on your Earning and Leave Statement. Look under Basic Information. Under the 2nd column of information you will find your SCD.
orgCode tooltip * Organization CodeDo not enter any dashes (“-“) within your Org Code. You can find your Org Code on your Earning and Leave Statement. If you view your statement online, the Org Code is shown under Basic Information. If you view your paper statement that you receive in the mail, the Org Code is shown on the top left corner.

Welcome to T-SAP

We are pleased to resume accepting safety reports from all eligible Technical Operations employees. With a renewed emphasis on aviation safety and revised processes to ensure efficient and effective handling of safety concerns, T-SAP is a vital and integral part of the ATO's overall approach to proactive safety management.

Improved navigation features, fewer questions, and a simplified submitter form make it easier than ever to voluntarily report aviation safety concerns and provide valuable safety information that may not be otherwise available.

For additional assistance and/or information on reporting a concern, please contact the Voluntary Safety Reporting Program T-SAP Hotline at 1-877-360-6961.

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